Bigg Boss 14’s Pehla Weekend Ka Vaar – first confirmed contestant & Nikki Gets A Chance To Loot BB The Mall inaugurated by Salman Khan!

The first Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14 was an explosive one. It burst open many controversial moments. The highlight, however, was the selection of the first confirmed contestant and the opening of BB the Mall! Here’s the Pehla Weekend Ka Vaar Bigg Boss 14 full episode update chronicling the most exciting and explosive moments. Let’s delve.

First confirmed contestant

The Bigg Boss 14 full episode of its first Weekend Ka Vaar was packed with fun, Salman’s Dabangg style and much more. Salman was seen lambasting Eijaz Khan, Nikki Tamboli, Nishant Singh Malkhani, and Jasmin Bhasin for their inappropriate demeanour inside the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Having said that, towards the end of the episode, Nikki Tamboli was able to set off all the criticism against her by becoming the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14. BB Seniors Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan selected her after finding her most ‘entertaining’ and deserving.

Nikki makes the most of her special privilege!

Salman Khan announced the opening of the amazing BB Mall of the Big Boss season 14 for freshers.

Salman praised Nikki for being the only inmate to have emerged as a true BB contestant until now. Hina Khan also showered compliments on Nikki. As a result, Salman granted her a special advantage. He gave her permission to set foot into the BB Mall and grab anything she wants in 120 seconds! Nikki took it very seriously and plunged into the BB Mall. Salman quipped in his style, and warned the boys to never to take Nikki shopping to a mall.

It was Nikki Vs Pavtira

Salman Khan, the undisputable host of Bigg Boss 14 live, had declared that only Pavitra Punia and Nikki Tamboli will get a chance to contest for the confirmation as they had won the immunity task. Salman handed over the task of selecting the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14 to BB Seniors Sidharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan. They declared Nikki the winner and got her confirmed. This makes Nikki the first confirmed inmate of Bigg Boss 14 season. BB Seniors found Nikki more entertaining and deserving.

The episode of the first Weekend ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 14 began with Salman watching snippets from the first week of Bigg Boss 14 and the immunity task. Meanwhile, Rubina Dilaik’s act of splashing water on her husband Abhinav Shukla to give him some relief during a task got other Bigg Boss inmates angry. Abhinav thus got disqualified.

Nikki Tamboli, who was also competing, chose to give up and Pavitra Punia took her place while Sara Gurpal replaced Abhinav. Towards the end of the task Nikki could snag a place for herself yet again after a few rounds. In the end, Nikki and Pavitra were announced winners of the immunity task.

In his interaction with the Bigg Boss 14 contestants, Salman praised Nikki one one side and on the other reprimanded Nishant, Abhinav and Sara Gurpal for not being active participants in the house and being more like spectators just sitting back and doing nothing. In Hindi we call such people – “Velle”. We were hoping Salman to make any such comment but he chose to rather focus on the bright side of the house and announced the opening of the BB Mall which only Nikki got to raid and she sure made the full use of this opportunity!

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Bigg Boss 14: what really caused Sara Gurpal’s eviction?

The punjabi actor-singer Sara Gurpal becomes the first contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss 14 mansion. Now rumours are doing the rounds that Sara may be asked to come back on the voot Bigg Boss show as a wild card contestant. But nothing concretes yet. No report or confirmation has come from the makers of Bigg Boss shows.

What is the real reason behind Sara’s eviction?

Her fans strongly condemn this decision and are blaming the Big Boss seniors especially Sidharth Shukla for having made a ‘biased’ decision.

Some fans even purport that Sara was forced to exit for lying about her marriage. However, as per a report that’s fresh from the oven it’s now claimed that Sara got her eyes hurt when she was hit by Nikki Tamboli during a task.

Meanwhile, Sara Gurpal’s fans are raising a furore over her eviction and have been slamming Sidharth for this unfair decision. Hina and Gauahar didn’t know for sure as to who to pick between Rahul Vaidya and Nishant Malkani. Yes, you heard it right, Sara was not even in their minds as the prospect of eviction. But, allegedly, Sidharth Shukla wanted Sara Gurpal evicted as he found her as fake. Sidharth managed to persuade Hina and Gauahar to align with his decision and thus Sara got evicted from the Colors TV Bigg Boss house.

Here are some fans expressing their anger out-

“#saragurupal didn’t deserve this worst decision ever to eliminate #SaraGurpal @u@realsidharthshukla sidharth is ruthless.”

Another user tweeted- “#NikkiTamboli Ko Save Kyu Kia se #SaraGurpal ko Save Kyu Nai kia tak ka Safar. Again, no one is talking about -Nominations, Ejaz & Jaan’s argument, Abhinav & Rahul’s Argument, Pavitra & Ejaz’s Chemistry, Jas’s POV, Newly Formed Groups. It’s all about #SidharthShukla.”

Some are even speculating that Sara may have been asked to leave from Colors TV Bigg Boss house on the heels of the controversies surrounding her marriage.

In her recent Instagram video, Sara Gurpal has spoken up about her ‘unfair’ eviction. She alleges that in fact she did all the tasks and chores of the house and that she didn’t deserve to be evicted.

Sara has pinned it on ‘one man’ duly responsible for her eviction – Sidharth Shukla, the former Bigg Boss contestant and now a Bigg Boss Senior alongside Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan. Sara Gurpal’$ fans are also voicing their opinions in line with hers.

Having said that, Sara Gurpal took to social media to thank her fans for supporting her all the way. Below is her heartwarming message-

“I’m taking this chance to thank my audience from the core of my heart. It’s only with your love and support that I am here at this stage of my life. However, I would have been happy if this decision was brought in place by you guys. But life’s pretty unfair and you gotta deal with it. Thanks again for everything. ❤️”

The Wild Card entry gates may open for Sara Gurpal at some point in future. But, there is no official report or confirmation from the Bigg Boss show makers on the return of Sara Gurpal to the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Meanwhile, Toofani Seniors are adding more spice to Bigg Boss latest episodes of Bigg Boss season 14. Eijaz, Rubina, Pavitra and Nikki have all been the centre of attraction inside the Bigg Boss 14 mansion for their series of arguments, altercations and fights.

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Which season of Bigg Boss is the best?

The best season is Bigg Boss 13, hands down. It got everything right that a reality show needs to – love, romance, fights, fan and celebrity wars, entertainment – everything. Let’s take a look at a list of things that made Bigg Boss 13 a huge hit. Let’s delve.

Broke TRP records

Unlike previous seasons, Bigg Boss 13 1 history of sorts by being one of the most popular shows on television then. There were unexpected twists and turns throughout the show which kept viewers hooked. This season of Voot Bigg Boss literally rocked the TRP Chart!

Only Celebrities and new format

Taking into account fallen TRP in the previous season, Bigg Boss 13 invited only celebs and shut the door on common people. Since Bigg Boss 12 failed to enagage viewers and bring in the TRPs (and the moolah), the makers of Bigg Boss introduced a new format this time around.

For instance, everybody loved to witness the four-week suspenseful finale where viewers waited with bated breath throughout the finale that saw sudden evictions and that too in pairs.

While many participants were ousted, there were surprise wild card entries throughout the Bigg Boss 13 season. And chances are it might continue in Bigg Boss 14 too.

None of the preceding seasons had witnessed such a huge change with regards to the line-up of Bigg Boss contestants. Viewers just didn’t know what to expect next! As a result, audiences in hordes hooked on the Bigg Boss full episode, every time!

Besides surprise entries and wild card picks, the makers of Bigg Boss experimented with guests who entered the Bigg Boss house for a short period. Every week saw someone coming into the house or leaving the house. The makes made sure nothing remained constant in Bigg Boss 13 season. These surprise elements sprinkled throughout every Bigg Boss full episode kept the viewers glued to the show!

Salman Bhai’s shocking revelations

Salman Khan, the undisputed host who continues to host latest Bigg Boss 14 live season, made quite a few shocking revelations in Bigg Boss season 13 about the personal lives of the contestants of that season. This had created a furore that shocked not only the house members but also spilled over to the outside world providing a huge source of gossip to its viewers. Unlike previous seasons, Salman not only exposed Arhaan Khan’s marriage and child in front of Rashami Desai but also didn’t hesitate to tell Himanshi Khurana about Asim Riaz’s girlfriend. He even entered the Bigg Boss house to console a heartbroken Rashami. If that was not enough, on yet another occasion, Salman cleaned the utensils himself in a frenzy of rage to teach the house members a lesson.

Fight blub

Fights. Fights. And more fights. Bigg Boss 13 had a lot of them! That’s what caught the attention of a certain category of viewers who love to binge nasty fights where people get all physical and verbal. It’s important to note here that Bigg Boss 13 provided every kind of viewer something that he or she likes. For instance, those who love romance, there were instances of many romantic liaisons and so on.

Coming back to fights, Bigg Boss had to abort a number of tasks after the contestants got injured due to pushing and shoving each other and using their physical power!

Inmates didn’t let go any chance to let all hell break loose by making noise or yelling at each other!

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What are some Bigg Boss show secrets?

Voot Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial shows of television. Bigg Boss has been entertaining its viewers for the past many years. It’s one of the best reality shows in India. The reality show is currently running with its Bigg Boss 14 season. Once again only celebrities have been cooped up inside the Bigg Boss 14 mansion. Now watch Bigg Boss live online in Hindi and catch all the action, drama, and emotions unfolding in all its frenzy on Vi Movies and TV.

So, Bigg Boss fans out there, are you ready to discover some secrets of the show which you probably didn’t know?! Let’s delve.

  • No holy literature allowed

No contestant is allowed to bring any kind of holy book inside the Bigg Boss house. However, they do get provided with books they want to read.

  • Fights are not scripted

The show is real when it comes to fights, planning and plotting, conspiracies, grouping up and so on. That’s what makes the show interesting to watch as all human emotions from love to hatred to envy and altercations between contestant’s flow in all its glory.

  • Tasty khana from Salman Khan!

Contestants are required to cook their own food and not allowed to order from outside. The only meal that comes from outside is during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ i.e. on weekends. It’s worth the wait though! The food is made by and comes from Salman’s personal chef.

  • No intoxication

The Big Boss show doesn’t allow any kind of alcohol or drug intake on the show.

  • Only cigarette smoking is allowed

Bigg Boss allows contestants to smoke only in the smoking-room.

  • Hefty penalty for leaving midway

If a contestant leaves the show midway voluntarily for any reason, then he or she has to pay a penalty of rupees 2 Crore!

  • Weekly payment

Bigg Boss pays quite a handsome amount ranging from 3 lakh rupees to 10 lakh rupees to even crores of rupees per week to a contestant depending on his or her celebrity status. However, the contestant needs to survive for 14 days.

  • Mirror ke peeche kya hai! (What lays behind the mirror!)

Ever wondered why are there so many mirrors around the house? In fact, even in those corners where they’re not needed! Well, let’s bust another Bigg Boss secret. Those are not normal mirrors but see-through ones. So from the other side of the mirror, the cameraman is sneaking up on contestants to record their each and every action.

  • Blindfolded and masked

When a celebrity enters the Big Boss house or is about to enter the house, he or she is blindfolded and masked right from the moment they reach the destination all the way to the Big Boss set. It’s a protocol to hide the identity of celebrities and to prevent leaks to the media or netizens.

  • Hush it up!

The selected contestants for Bigg Boss are not allowed to reveal or discuss about it in any way before entering the Bigg Boss house.

  • Spick and span

The contestants are required to look after the maintenance of the house. In case of any kind of aberration by any contestant, he or she has to face a punishment by Bigg Boss. Having said that, it’s not entirely upon the contestants to clean the house. Bigg Boss sends a cleaning team to maintain the upkeep of the house so that every corner looks good on camera.

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Who is the best celebrity of Bigg Boss until now?

Certainly not just one. From Big Boss 1 to Voot Big Boss 13 to all the way to the latest Big Boss 14 show, there has been a string of celebrities who have enjoyed their share of limelight and some are still remembered as those whose lives took a giant wondrous turn of furtune after Bigg Boss.

Let’s revisit some of the best celebrities of Bigg Boss Live. A flashback all you Big Boss fans would certainly enjoy. Let’s delve.

One of the first names that may come to many minds is the Chokra Jawan girl, Gauhar Khan. Before Bigg Boss, she got just supporting roles in Bollywood which were hardly noticed. But now she is making waves as an actor. She has proved her acting skills through many short movies and web series. She gained lots of fans due to her charming nature and won Bigg Boss season 7. Many used to watch Big Boss full episode just for her. Gauhar also gets lots of offers for peppy numbers in Bollywood.

The next who most would remember is the tall beauty, Karishma Tanna! She did lots of shows on TV and appeared in few Bollywood movies before Bigg Boss but the level of popularity she reveled in after Bigg Boss is arguable unmatched. She got to host and judge the show Love School that was aired on MTV with Upen Patel, her ex! Karishma was one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss season 8. She gave a tough fight to the winner, Gautam Gulati. She was also the highest paid.

How can we forget the Yeh To Bada Toing Hai actress. It’s her acting and bold display of emotions that made the Amul Macho Ad such a hit among the masses.  Sana Khan was one of the best contestants on Bigg Boss. She didn’t shy away from showing her naughty and bubbly side. Today, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood.

Next on our list of the best celebrities of Big Boss is Shweta Tiwari. This gorgeous television actress was already a big name in the industry. Winning Bigg Boss was another claim to fame for her as she was already a household star courtesy her popular show Kasauti Zindagi Kay. Shweta won the fourth season. According to media reports, apart from receiving Rs 5 lakh fees for her stay per week. She was one contestant who walked out of the house rich!

Want to guess the next best Bigg Boss celebrity? It’s none other than Hina Khan who earned the title of Sher Khan in Bigg Boss 11. In November 2017, she was named the most loved contestant on Bigg Boss 11 house by Ormax Media.

The name that we’re going to mention now is perhaps the best celebrity in the Bigg Boss history. He’s none other than the World’s Best Model Title Winner, Sidharth Shukla. Currently, Sidharth’s presence in the Bigg Boss house is grabbing eyeballs. The actor has already struck a jolly bond with the juniors and is playing the part of a senior well.

In fact, many of the previous contestants feel Bigg Boss 14 is Sidharth’s show all they will way. His good friend Shehnaaz Gill recently confessed that she is watching the show just for Sidharth.

It’s because of Bigg Boss Sidharth’s popularity has soared and he continues to remain the undisputed king of Bigg Boss.

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How can one watch Bigg Boss 14 Hindi season online?

Bigg Boss is back with another explosive season. Now you can watch Bigg Boss online on Vi Movies and TV. And yes, it’s available in Hindi!

Watch the Big Boss 14 drama unfold as 11 contestants locked in the Bigg Boss 14 house together let loose and work themselves into a frenzy of emotions. Because that’s what you’re here for – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment! And Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 14 team and the contestants are too eager and all set to give you just what you’re looking for!

As you watch Bigg Boss live online on your favorite platform – Vi Movies and TV in your favorite language – Hindi, you could use some of these facts which will add to your curiosity and excitement of Big Boss 14. Let’s delve.

First of all, did you know that this time there will be more than 100 cameras monitoring all the contestants? Yes, you heard us right, so many cameras fixed in every nook and cranny of the Big Boss 14 house! That means you won’t miss any action unfolding in the priviest corners of the impressive Bigg Boss 14 mansion!

What’s more? Bigg Boss 14 comes with Unseen Undekha, Extra Masala and Exclusive Scoop! That’s a hell lot of entertainment throughout the week for you people!

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Other things to notice in the latest Bigg Boss franchise is that Salman Khan had shot the promo for Big Boss 14 at his own farmhouse. So if you’re a die hard Salman Khan fan and want a sneak peak into his personal space, you know where to go! Besides, as you watch Bigg Boss online on Vi Movies and TV, throughout the show you’ll see Salman Khan in a new avatar. And as per a news report, Big Boss 14 will have themes related to the current epidemic-triggered- lockdown phase. Interesting!

Now, let’s talk about the central theme of Big Boss 14. Let’s go back to the last year Big Boss’s theme. Salman Khan had called it ‘tedha’ and this time the theme is ‘rocking.’ Well, now it’s too early to comment on it. We will have to see if makers make it actually rocking this year.

Having said that, what stands out is that despite being an out- and-out rogue show, it will strictly adhere to hygiene protocols. In fact, hygiene is claimed to be one of the biggest points in the contract. If the contestants fail to keep up with the hygiene, they would be eliminated immediately. Additionally, Salman Khan’s show won’t take any contestants who have had an international travel history for a year. The decision has been taken in view of the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure the supreme safety of all the contestants.

Well, that’s very considerate, we’ll have to give the Big Boss 14 team that!

5 Reasons Why Lalbazaar Is ZEE5’s Must-Watch Cop Drama

If there is one thing that can be said differently about the ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar, then it is not your ordinary cat and mouse chase police drama. Cleverly described as a cop drama with a heart, the show is all about dark, gritty murder investigations that alse delves into the emotional side of the police squad. Anyone hooked to this genre is going to love the progression of the show.

Unpredictable, Interesting Plot

Lalbazaar is one of those crime-thrillers that will have you hooked on from the very beginning. Unlike other fictional plots, this script explores the emotional side and family dynamics of policemen, which will leave you with a feel-good sense about the show. The plot starts with a murder of a sex worker in the red light district of Kolkata, and the investigation that leads up to it. The premise is very gripping and involves a series of murder investigations. The script is primarily about fighting good against evil, and Lalbazaar manages to capture the best parts of it.

Dark and Gritty Crime Thriller

Although the Lalbazaar web series is set in the Lalbazaar Police Headquarters of Kolkata, the show is not limited or restricted to references from there. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys a dark crime thriller that involves solving gruesome murders. The plot is thick and captures the grittiness it requires.

Balance between Action and Emotion

The show’s storyline is anything but cliche. Lalbazaar episodes manage to pull off the balance between good action sequences and emotions, something a lot of cop dramas struggle to do. What it does impeccably is not dwell on the police procedures and investigations so much, but also focus on the human side of the squad, which makes for a great way to build the characters throughout the show.

Versatile, Stellar Cast

The show’s narrative is brilliantly brought to life by some of the finest actors. The cast is led by Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Sauraseni Maitra, Koushik Sen, Vijay Singh, Anirban Chakrabarty, Rob Dey and Hrishita Bhatt, along with an outstanding supporting cast. The actors play their parts aplomb with convincing, nail biting performances. The show stands out mainly because of the chemistry between the actors playing feisty, unforgettable characters.

Inspired by True Events

ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar is based on a true story and all the crime plots in the show have been inspired by real events. This makes the show’s script even more intriguing and keeps you hooked, lending a deeper insight into the lives of the characters. The show’s raunchiness and raw appeal revolves around real-life bloodshed, politics, criminal activities and so much more to keep you on your toes.

Easily binge-worthy and leaving you in suspense till Lalbazaar’s latest episode, this ZEE5 crime-thriller series presents some shocking revelations of the cop world. If you wish to catch all the episodes of Lalbazaar online, you can watch it for free in HD on the Vodafone Play app. Get to know the real world behind murder investigations and why the Lalbazaar police headquarters has always been an important part of Kolkata’s history, only on the Vodafone Play app.

Lalbazaar: This ZEE5 Nail-Biting Police Drama is a Must-Watch

ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar is an action cop crime series set in the dark underbelly of Kolkata. Unlike the usual cat and mouse chase between the police and criminals, the Lalbazaar episodes also explore the humane side of the lives of the policemen. Right from the very first episode, the show has tried to break the barriers set around ordinary cop dramas.

The show starts off with a compelling mystery that revolves around the brutal murder of Ruby, a sex worker from Kolkata’s red light district, Munsigunj. The motive of the gruesome murder has been shown unclear. As the show plays out, the talented cast of the show is introduced to the viewers. Suranjan Sen, played by renowned Bengali actor Koushik Sen, is the Assistant Commissioner Crime in the Homicide Department, who is the officer in-charge of solving this killing.

The plot unfolds with a series of murders and their underlying mysteries. As the show progresses, the cops are seen piecing together information and following the trail of the murderer. It is only at the very end that the cops make sense of how the events took place on that fateful night in Lalbaazar. Although the show’s plot revolves around the quest of solving this murder, it also delves deep into the emotions and personal lives of the police squad, in order to flesh out the feelings and psyche of the characters.

The show really brings out the hidden persona of cops, which is reflected by the riveting performances of all the actors on the show. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal and presented by Ajay Devgn, the Lalbazaar web series really captures the integrity of the police force. Certain parts of the show are complex and gritty, and the storytelling is compelling. The show also has some noteworthy performances by Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Subrat Dutta, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Sauraseni Maitra.

The show tackles sensitive issues with utmost discretion and presents a realistic approach towards it. For instance, Sub Inspector Mira Dasgupta, played by Sauraseni Maitra, has been shown as a young and sharp cop who is out to prove her mettle, or the fact that most of the murders in the show revolve around sexual relations; such instances and more have been represented brilliantly.

Originally in Telugu, and dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Bengali, the show carries a lot of authenticity in its script. It is more than just a quintessential cop drama and that is the actual beauty of it. You can watch Lalbazaar all episodes in HD for free on the Vodafone Play app. The show is thrilling, suspenseful and full of unexpected twists. Enjoy a glimpse of the dark underbelly of Kolkata in this ZEE5 Original show, only on Vodafone Play app.

Lalbazaar: ZEE5’s Must-Watch Crime Thriller Is Binge-Worthy

The Ajay Devgn-backed ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar is nothing short of a nail-biting series of gripping content. This police drama strikes an excellent balance between action and emotion, which can often be a big miss for many thrillers. It beautifully blends the procedural and tactical side of the policemen with the humane side, which brings out few of the most well written characters in crime-thrillers.

The premise revolves around the investigation into the murder of a sex worker, by a dedicated team of cops from the Kolkata police force. Coming from a young director like Sayantan Ghoshal, the show uses the much anticipated feistiness and engagement that would appeal to several types of audiences. Starring Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Hrishita Bhatt, Koushik Sen, Rob Dey, Sauraseni Maitra, Anirban Chakrabarty, and Vijay Singh, the plot will appeal to anyone who enjoys watching this genre.

The story starts with the department losing one of its own – Circle Officer (CO) Abida, who is involved in a face-off with a violent criminal gang. The department is shattered beyond repair at this loss, especially AC Homicide Suranjan Sen (Kaushik Sen). On another tangent, the show draws light to SI Mira Dasgupta (Sauraseni Maitra) impatiently waiting to catch controversial serial killers while her superiors wait for her to be completely ready. The show circles around the lives of many policemen with many different backstories, but only one common motive – To make ‘sleepless’ Kolkata safe again.

Originally in Telugu, and dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Bengali, this action-based crime thriller starts with a dramatic intimate scene between a local sex worker Ruby and an anonymous man. Upon realising that she is pregnant, he is blinded with rage and suffocates her to death. The storyline runs on the investigation of this murder, along with all the other outlandish murders happening in Kolkata city. Each of the characters faces the obstacles laid out in front of them, but at the same is also trying to escape the inner struggles of their own.

Lalbazaar web series has been named after the police headquarters in Kolkata. The director, Sayantan Ghosal, has tried to explore the family dynamics and emotional side of police officers, which is often overlooked in cop dramas. Although the show delves deep into gruesome crimes and the dark underbelly of the city, it also taps into the less-heard-of humane side of cop stories.

The Lalbazaar episodes are absolutely binge-worthy, especially as it is not a very long show to watch. The show brings some of the most sinister criminals to justice with its versatile cast and intriguing script. You can watch Lalbazaar full episodes online in HD for free on Vodafone Play. Enjoy the balance of dark, gritty crimes and emotions in this ZEE5 Original show, only on Vodafone Play app.

Top 5 Must-Watch Indian Adult Web Series

Sensual dramas and bold content have become increasingly popular in India. People have turned to OTT platforms for the variety of content it provides. The audience is now looking for entertaining, romantic dramas with a bold perspective. These digital platforms enjoy a certain liberty to feature bold and new content that revolves around mature themes.

Despite India’s relaxed censorship policy and the freedom to express, these web series are targeted to people above the age of eighteen. Among the many bold web series for adults, here is a list of the top 5 that have been increasingly popular among the audiences –


A ZEE5 Original psychological thriller, Mafia web series is a mysterious drama starring Namit Das, Tanmay Dhanania, Isha M Saha, and Anindita Bose. The premise revolves around the reunion of six college friends. As they reunite after five years for a bachelorette party in the jungles of Madhupur, their horrifying past comes back to haunt them. You can watch the full episodes of this Bengali mystery-thriller in HD for free on Vodafone Play.


Another enthralling original by ZEE5, XXX web series is an erotic-drama starring Ribbhu Mehra, Parree Pande and Aaditi Kohli. This anthology series explores the sexual fantasies and intimate relationships of different people. You can watch the full episodes of this enthralling Hindi original in HD for free on Vodafone Play.

Damaged 2

The second instalment of Hungama’s blockbuster original show, Damaged, this season too is a psychological crime drama with a strong female character at the helm of the story. With an added thrill of supernatural elements, this season starring Hina Khan and Adhyayan Suman in lead roles, is set to be full of suspense and thrill with a very solid and gripping storyline. The story is about a couple who run a homestay who are caught in the middle of an investigation of a girl that went missing from the homestay. The secrets and twisted life of the characters make Damaged 2 web series an interesting watch, and you can catch its full episodes in HD on Vodafone Play.


Lalbazaar is a Telugu dubbed ZEE5 Original crime drama series starring Kaushik Sen, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, and Sauraseni Maitra. The show’s premise revolves around a group of cops from the Kolkata Police who deal with the dark underbelly of the region and bring some of the most sinister criminals to justice. The show, however, takes an unexpected turn with the death of a prostitute and the hidden lies of cold and ruthless killers. You can catch the full episodes of Lalbazaar web series in HD for free on Vodafone Play.

Gandii Baat – Season 4

Back with a new titillating season, Gandii Baat season 4 starring Mridula Mahajan and Aditya Singh Rajput, is an anthology of sexual relationships in rural India. The show unveils the deepest, darkest and the most scintillating secrets about rural India. This adult web series features four seasons, each narrating a different story. This season, a soon-to-be-bride is terrified about intimacy and seeks help from her mother and friend. Gandii Baat season 4 watch online episodes for free in HD, only on Vodafone Play.