What are Some of The Best Web Series Made in India?

Web series are the newest form of video content that have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Web series have the ability to take us where television won’t, especially with the added benefit of allowing the audience to watch shows at their own convenience. 

For years, people have planned their days and schedules around the timings of their favorite shows, but web series don’t restrict you to a specific time frame. As opposed to daily soaps and serials running for years, web series are short, concise and crisp. This has made them extensively popular in India, where the audience is now tired of watching the same old drama for months together. 

People are now opening their minds to newer subjects, which has made two web series very popular among the audience – Gandii Baat, a 2018 Hindi web series that features erotic-themed stories from rural India. Another show that has grasped a lot of attention is Fixerr web series, a dynamic show about the story of a tainted ATS officer from Delhi who is lured into the politics of the Mumbai movie mafia, and ends up becoming a fixer.

Both shows have become immensely popular, giving audiences a much-needed break from relationships and family drama. Gandii Baat Web Series, directed by Sachin Mohite, unravels complex relationships through a series of thrilling and exciting stories from rural part of India. The show explains how relationships, over time, become complicated or stop seeming as simple as they used to be. It brings to light closet issues, shocking truths and unexplored space of men and women in the form of distinct individual episodes. Each heart -throbbing story reflects how people from the rural parts of this country are deeply affected by their dark fantasies, and can go to any extent to find pleasure, even if it includes committing heinous crimes. The content of Gandii Baat online watch is suitable for viewers above 18 years of age. 

On the other hand,Fixerr web series online, directed by Soham Shah and Ankush Bhatt, features Shabir Ahluwalia, Mahie Gill, Karishma Sharma, and Tigmanshu Dhulia in lead roles. Besides being a victim of the underworld and mafia nexus fixing a cop, Shabir Ahluwalia, playing the ATS officer, is also shown battling some personal conflicts on the show. The show starts with him being shown as an honest and able officer who gets suspended due to an unfortunate mistake in Delhi. Meanwhile, he meets an industrialist who offers him to ‘fix’ a situation in Mumbai using odd means, in exchange for money. One incident leads to another and he decides to suit his lifestyle to the new circumstances, eventually becoming a part of various illegal occurrences.  The content of the show promises an action-packed drama series, thrill and a few nuances of comedy as well. 

Thanks to these web series and other web shows, people have now been introduced to a new way of watching video content. You can watch Gandii Baat, Fixerr and other such web series and TV shows online in HD, only on the Idea Movies & TV app, absolutely free!

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