Best New Channels to Watch!!

What makes a great news channel? And more important what does India consider a good news channel to be? The hallmarks of a good news channel are of course fact-based coverage of events within a nation or city, a deliberate attempt to avoid sensationalism, content that is both interesting and knowledgeable and aims to keep viewers engaged and informed.

There have always been moments in India’s history that have rendered its people dependent on the local channels to be informed of updated of a given current situation. India finds itself in one of those moments right not with the novel Coronavirus Covid-19. With as many as ten major Indian states with the highest number of Covid-19 cases, it is absolutely imperative that news channels deliver accurate, non-sensationalized, and informative content to its viewers. At this critical juncture in our nation’s timeline, it’s great to know which channels Indian can depend for a precise summation of the event across the country. These are a few recommended channels.

Aaj Tak:

One of the oldest Hindi news channels in India, Aaj Tak is owned by the Living Media Group. According to the viewership data Aaj Tak had the majority share of viewership for the PM’s second address for the extended lockdown. You can catch Aaj Tak Live coverage on mobile screens as well. Known to be the channel for India’s masses, Aaj Tak’s audience consist of viewer’s over 15 years of age in the Hindi speaking markets. The channel received an impressive milestone as it raced past even entertainment based channels like Colors and Zee TV. What started off as a half hour daily news report on Doordarshan, Aaj Tak has quickly grown to becomes the most watched 24-hour news channel for 17 years in a row. Watch Aaj Tak live on the Vodafone Play app.

NDTV 24×7:

The channel is known for its trust and credibility in the reporting of the nation’s news. NDTV Live, available across screens has shown immense professionalism in its reporting during its coverage of the country’s lockdown. With the coverage of the world’s pandemic, NDTV 24×7, and reinstated their place as the country’s most mature and diligent network. The channel and Reckitt Benckiser have come together at this time, to launch a campaign titled India Coming Together Against Covid-19, that featured the people In the pandemic at the front line of all services. For more of their excellent reporting and coverage of the novel Coronavirus in India, watch, NDTV 24×7 live on the Vodafone Play App.

Kolkota TV:

A 24-hour news channel launched by SST Media in 2006, Kolkata TV is among the most watch Bengali new channels. Kolkata TV Live is also available to watch on the Vodafone Play app. The main reason it has risen to be one of the most watched Bengali new channels is because of its reporting of the most updated news. Its news programs are always thoroughly researched, and it is one of the few channels to still broadcast in-depth sports news coverage. It’s organized and researched findings have become one of its main USPs in the coverage and reporting of the Covid-19 outbreak In India. Catch Kolkata TV live on Vodafone Play.

You can also watch these channels on the Vodafone Play website for a viewing in HD for free. Stay up to date and well-informed during this on-going health crisis the world is under. Information truly is power, and these channels over the best and the most accurate information in the country.

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