NSG in 2008, Doctors in 2020 – Saviours in our State of Siege

In the wake of a pandemic and the unprecedented times that followed, if there is one thing that we can all agree upon unanimously is the ceaseless efforts of our doctors and healthcare professionals. As we recognize and salute these healthcare heroes for their commitment, we cannot help but reminisce a similar zeal and dedication towards serving and saving people, back in 2008.

What our doctors stand for in 2020 is the same our National Security Guard (NSG) stood for in 2008 – Saviours in a State of Siege. On November 11, 2008, Mumbai witnessed a terrorist attack that inscribed our memories as a day we will never forget, nonetheless, never wish to revisit. A group of 10 young Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists attacked few of the most prominent places in Mumbai in the name of jihad as a part of a planned shooting and bombing attack.

As a part of an approximately 60-hour long operation, Mumbai was in a state of alert. The Mumbai Police, Marine Commandos and the National Security Guards (NSG) successfully killed 9 terrorists, capturing one, Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, alive.

ZEE5 Original crime-thriller State of Siege 26/11, streaming on Vodafone Play, charts the instances of what happened in 2008, along with celebrating the fortitude of the officers in uniform and all those responsible for their heroic efforts. You can witness the untold stories of these brave heroes and the lesser-known facts of what transpired during the Mumbai attacks.

The series starring Arjun Bijlani, Arjan Bajwa, Vivek Dahiya, Tara Alisha Berry, and Mukul Dev, is based on the book Black Tornado: The Three Sieges of Mumbai 26/11 by Sandeep Unnithan. The show documents an engaging string of events that evoke a sense of patriotism, without over-dramatizing or glamourising any of the instances. It captures a detailed representation of how the NSG and other security forces succeeded in saving many lives despite lack of funds.

To know the unspoken stories of the 26/11 attacks, catch full episodes online of State of Siege: 26/11, only on Vodafone Play. Watch to know more about the role NSG commandos played in coming to Mumbai’s rescue. Perhaps, watching the State of Siege web series online can help us understand the parallel between our saviours from 2008 and 2020. There is no time like now to recognize the unsung heroes of our country.

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