Which Hindi News Channel do you Prefer and Why

In a world of changing times, every other minute has become breaking news. Every consecutive twist of events is worth writing and reporting about. News plays a very important role in our daily lives. The way we consume news has also changed over the years. Getting our daily dose of information through newspapers to now the Internet and everything in between, news mediums have changed our approach towards daily news consumption.

In India, Hindi news channels are among the most popular sources of news and information. Among many, one channel that stands out for its phenomenal growth is Aaj Tak. Owned by Living Media Group, it has managed to retain its position as one of the most influential and popular Hindi news channels for years. It is among the oldest news channels in India, and recently in 2018, Aaj Tak launched its high-definition television channel, Aaj Tak HD.

The channel started as a half hour daily news and current affairs programme on Doordarshan and with its differentiated treatment of news coverage, grew to become the most watched 24hrs news channel for several years in a row. What’s great about Aaj Tak is that the channel never restricted itself to only television news. With growing demands and changing preferences, Aaj Tak adapted to providing news online and catered to audiences of all ages.

Aaj Tak features a special section, Aaj Tak Live, which broadcasts live updates. You can also watch Aaj Tak Live News on its website or television channel. It is headed by Executive Editor Anjana Om Kashyap. Some other prominent Indian journalists like Shweta Singh, Chitra Tripathi, Sayeed Ansari, Vikrant Gupta, Neha Batham, Shams Tahir Khan and Rohit Sardana have also been associate journalists with Aaj Tak.

You can watch popular news shows like Dustak, Special Report, Khel, Vardaat, So Sorry, Saas Bahu aur Betiyaan and Nonstop 100. Currently, the most popular shows on Aaj Tak are Dangal and Halla Bol. While Dangal is a live broadcast of pressing matters with Rohit Sardana, Halla Bol aims to reach out to masses with debates on social issues like women safety, corruption, and other such nation-wide interests.

You can watch everything from global news, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, reviews, and interviews, to latest news updates and live coverage on Aaj Tak. Another reason that makes Aaj Tak a popular choice is that you can even enjoy it on-the-go. You can catch the latest news updates for free on the Vodafone Play app. Simply log in to your Vodafone Play account using your mobile number and watch LIVE News and latest updates on Aaj Tak Live. Get live TV coverages, breaking news in India, Asia, World, Politics, Sports, Business, Gadgets, Bollywood, Films and Entertainment on Aaj Tak live in Hindi for FREE on Vodafone Play.

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