Stay Updated about Corona-virus on these Hindi News Channels

The nationwide lockdown in India has resulted in many of us spending more time at home than ever before. Some of us are anxious, some relieved to be home and some constantly checking the news in anticipation of some good news. We spend a major part of the day glued to the television, switching news channels to keep ourselves updated.

The most common activity in any household today is watching the news. It is the only solid source of information and updates. Every news channel has a different approach towards presenting and delivering news. Right from the age-old reporting, to interviews, debates and special shows, there is a lot to look forward to. Today, news is reported in many languages in India, the most popular one being Hindi.

Hindi news channels are among the oldest news channels in India. Some of the most popularly viewed channels are Aaj Tak Live, ABP News Live, Zee News Live, India TV Live, and many more. Since Hindi is the most commonly spoken language in India, most people prefer watching Hindi news as a part of their daily routines. Amidst the coronavirus-resultant lockdown, more and more people are turning towards news channels for regular updates on what is going around them and even globally.

Among the many Hindi news channels, one that stands out for its fierce debates and interviews on current affairs is Aaj Tak. With shows like Halla Bol, viewers can stay updated on current topics with Live debates. Many other shows like Dustak, India 360, Nonstop 100, Dangal, Special Report, Khel, Vardaat, and Seedhe Baat have changed Hindi news reporting. It has made it more interactive, informative and entertaining. Check out Aaj Tak Live for its impeccable reporting from top journalists like Sweta Singh, Anjana Om Kashyap, Rohit Sardana, Vikrant Gupta, Neha Batham, Sayeed Ansari, and Shams Tahir Khan.

Zee News, owned by the Essel Group, is a 24-hours Hindi news channel that covers latest news from different categories, including politics, sports, trade, business, entertainment, technology. Get local and global news just as easily along with trending news and breaking news. Another 24-hours Hindi news channel that is very popularly followed in India is ABP News Live. It is among the best channels to watch in-depth news coverage, breaking news, today’s news, analysis from top journalists and experts. Get the latest on the coronavirus pandemic, along with special reports and live updates on sensex, education, sports, health, and more.

Watching news channels is one of best and most productive ways to spend time during this lock down. Amidst all the uncertainty, stay updated with the latest on corona virus and what’s going on around the world. You no longer require to stay glued to the television in order to watch your favorite news channels. Stream online for free and watch live news in HD, only on the Vodafone Play app. Watch online for absolutely FREE!

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