Lalbazaar: ZEE5’s Must-Watch Crime Thriller Is Binge-Worthy

The Ajay Devgn-backed ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar is nothing short of a nail-biting series of gripping content. This police drama strikes an excellent balance between action and emotion, which can often be a big miss for many thrillers. It beautifully blends the procedural and tactical side of the policemen with the humane side, which brings out few of the most well written characters in crime-thrillers.

The premise revolves around the investigation into the murder of a sex worker, by a dedicated team of cops from the Kolkata police force. Coming from a young director like Sayantan Ghoshal, the show uses the much anticipated feistiness and engagement that would appeal to several types of audiences. Starring Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Hrishita Bhatt, Koushik Sen, Rob Dey, Sauraseni Maitra, Anirban Chakrabarty, and Vijay Singh, the plot will appeal to anyone who enjoys watching this genre.

The story starts with the department losing one of its own – Circle Officer (CO) Abida, who is involved in a face-off with a violent criminal gang. The department is shattered beyond repair at this loss, especially AC Homicide Suranjan Sen (Kaushik Sen). On another tangent, the show draws light to SI Mira Dasgupta (Sauraseni Maitra) impatiently waiting to catch controversial serial killers while her superiors wait for her to be completely ready. The show circles around the lives of many policemen with many different backstories, but only one common motive – To make ‘sleepless’ Kolkata safe again.

Originally in Telugu, and dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Bengali, this action-based crime thriller starts with a dramatic intimate scene between a local sex worker Ruby and an anonymous man. Upon realising that she is pregnant, he is blinded with rage and suffocates her to death. The storyline runs on the investigation of this murder, along with all the other outlandish murders happening in Kolkata city. Each of the characters faces the obstacles laid out in front of them, but at the same is also trying to escape the inner struggles of their own.

Lalbazaar web series has been named after the police headquarters in Kolkata. The director, Sayantan Ghosal, has tried to explore the family dynamics and emotional side of police officers, which is often overlooked in cop dramas. Although the show delves deep into gruesome crimes and the dark underbelly of the city, it also taps into the less-heard-of humane side of cop stories.

The Lalbazaar episodes are absolutely binge-worthy, especially as it is not a very long show to watch. The show brings some of the most sinister criminals to justice with its versatile cast and intriguing script. You can watch Lalbazaar full episodes online in HD for free on Vodafone Play. Enjoy the balance of dark, gritty crimes and emotions in this ZEE5 Original show, only on Vodafone Play app.

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