5 Reasons Why Lalbazaar Is ZEE5’s Must-Watch Cop Drama

If there is one thing that can be said differently about the ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar, then it is not your ordinary cat and mouse chase police drama. Cleverly described as a cop drama with a heart, the show is all about dark, gritty murder investigations that alse delves into the emotional side of the police squad. Anyone hooked to this genre is going to love the progression of the show.

Unpredictable, Interesting Plot

Lalbazaar is one of those crime-thrillers that will have you hooked on from the very beginning. Unlike other fictional plots, this script explores the emotional side and family dynamics of policemen, which will leave you with a feel-good sense about the show. The plot starts with a murder of a sex worker in the red light district of Kolkata, and the investigation that leads up to it. The premise is very gripping and involves a series of murder investigations. The script is primarily about fighting good against evil, and Lalbazaar manages to capture the best parts of it.

Dark and Gritty Crime Thriller

Although the Lalbazaar web series is set in the Lalbazaar Police Headquarters of Kolkata, the show is not limited or restricted to references from there. It will appeal to anyone who enjoys a dark crime thriller that involves solving gruesome murders. The plot is thick and captures the grittiness it requires.

Balance between Action and Emotion

The show’s storyline is anything but cliche. Lalbazaar episodes manage to pull off the balance between good action sequences and emotions, something a lot of cop dramas struggle to do. What it does impeccably is not dwell on the police procedures and investigations so much, but also focus on the human side of the squad, which makes for a great way to build the characters throughout the show.

Versatile, Stellar Cast

The show’s narrative is brilliantly brought to life by some of the finest actors. The cast is led by Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Sauraseni Maitra, Koushik Sen, Vijay Singh, Anirban Chakrabarty, Rob Dey and Hrishita Bhatt, along with an outstanding supporting cast. The actors play their parts aplomb with convincing, nail biting performances. The show stands out mainly because of the chemistry between the actors playing feisty, unforgettable characters.

Inspired by True Events

ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar is based on a true story and all the crime plots in the show have been inspired by real events. This makes the show’s script even more intriguing and keeps you hooked, lending a deeper insight into the lives of the characters. The show’s raunchiness and raw appeal revolves around real-life bloodshed, politics, criminal activities and so much more to keep you on your toes.

Easily binge-worthy and leaving you in suspense till Lalbazaar’s latest episode, this ZEE5 crime-thriller series presents some shocking revelations of the cop world. If you wish to catch all the episodes of Lalbazaar online, you can watch it for free in HD on the Vodafone Play app. Get to know the real world behind murder investigations and why the Lalbazaar police headquarters has always been an important part of Kolkata’s history, only on the Vodafone Play app.

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