Lalbazaar: This ZEE5 Nail-Biting Police Drama is a Must-Watch

ZEE5 Original Lalbazaar is an action cop crime series set in the dark underbelly of Kolkata. Unlike the usual cat and mouse chase between the police and criminals, the Lalbazaar episodes also explore the humane side of the lives of the policemen. Right from the very first episode, the show has tried to break the barriers set around ordinary cop dramas.

The show starts off with a compelling mystery that revolves around the brutal murder of Ruby, a sex worker from Kolkata’s red light district, Munsigunj. The motive of the gruesome murder has been shown unclear. As the show plays out, the talented cast of the show is introduced to the viewers. Suranjan Sen, played by renowned Bengali actor Koushik Sen, is the Assistant Commissioner Crime in the Homicide Department, who is the officer in-charge of solving this killing.

The plot unfolds with a series of murders and their underlying mysteries. As the show progresses, the cops are seen piecing together information and following the trail of the murderer. It is only at the very end that the cops make sense of how the events took place on that fateful night in Lalbaazar. Although the show’s plot revolves around the quest of solving this murder, it also delves deep into the emotions and personal lives of the police squad, in order to flesh out the feelings and psyche of the characters.

The show really brings out the hidden persona of cops, which is reflected by the riveting performances of all the actors on the show. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal and presented by Ajay Devgn, the Lalbazaar web series really captures the integrity of the police force. Certain parts of the show are complex and gritty, and the storytelling is compelling. The show also has some noteworthy performances by Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Subrat Dutta, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Sauraseni Maitra.

The show tackles sensitive issues with utmost discretion and presents a realistic approach towards it. For instance, Sub Inspector Mira Dasgupta, played by Sauraseni Maitra, has been shown as a young and sharp cop who is out to prove her mettle, or the fact that most of the murders in the show revolve around sexual relations; such instances and more have been represented brilliantly.

Originally in Telugu, and dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Bengali, the show carries a lot of authenticity in its script. It is more than just a quintessential cop drama and that is the actual beauty of it. You can watch Lalbazaar all episodes in HD for free on the Vodafone Play app. The show is thrilling, suspenseful and full of unexpected twists. Enjoy a glimpse of the dark underbelly of Kolkata in this ZEE5 Original show, only on Vodafone Play app.

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