How can one watch Bigg Boss 14 Hindi season online?

Bigg Boss is back with another explosive season. Now you can watch Bigg Boss online on Vi Movies and TV. And yes, it’s available in Hindi!

Watch the Big Boss 14 drama unfold as 11 contestants locked in the Bigg Boss 14 house together let loose and work themselves into a frenzy of emotions. Because that’s what you’re here for – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment! And Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 14 team and the contestants are too eager and all set to give you just what you’re looking for!

As you watch Bigg Boss live online on your favorite platform – Vi Movies and TV in your favorite language – Hindi, you could use some of these facts which will add to your curiosity and excitement of Big Boss 14. Let’s delve.

First of all, did you know that this time there will be more than 100 cameras monitoring all the contestants? Yes, you heard us right, so many cameras fixed in every nook and cranny of the Big Boss 14 house! That means you won’t miss any action unfolding in the priviest corners of the impressive Bigg Boss 14 mansion!

What’s more? Bigg Boss 14 comes with Unseen Undekha, Extra Masala and Exclusive Scoop! That’s a hell lot of entertainment throughout the week for you people!

Watching Bigg Boss online on Vi Movies and TV will enhance your viewing experience in every way. Vi Movies and TV allows you to steer clear of buffer-bummer moments and watch Big Boss 14 with your loved ones, making it an unforgettable viewing experience.

From things getting ugly to them turning a little more personal, from love-hate relationships to friends turning foes, watch the action unfold in these high-octane episodes of Big Boss 14 as you watch Big Boss online on Vi Movies and TV.

Missed the Grand Premiere? No worries. Just visit Vi Movies & TV and after a hard day of work from home there’s nothing like revisiting the truly entertaining Grand Premiere of Bigg Boss 14. It’s literally a sight for the sore eyes!

Other things to notice in the latest Bigg Boss franchise is that Salman Khan had shot the promo for Big Boss 14 at his own farmhouse. So if you’re a die hard Salman Khan fan and want a sneak peak into his personal space, you know where to go! Besides, as you watch Bigg Boss online on Vi Movies and TV, throughout the show you’ll see Salman Khan in a new avatar. And as per a news report, Big Boss 14 will have themes related to the current epidemic-triggered- lockdown phase. Interesting!

Now, let’s talk about the central theme of Big Boss 14. Let’s go back to the last year Big Boss’s theme. Salman Khan had called it ‘tedha’ and this time the theme is ‘rocking.’ Well, now it’s too early to comment on it. We will have to see if makers make it actually rocking this year.

Having said that, what stands out is that despite being an out- and-out rogue show, it will strictly adhere to hygiene protocols. In fact, hygiene is claimed to be one of the biggest points in the contract. If the contestants fail to keep up with the hygiene, they would be eliminated immediately. Additionally, Salman Khan’s show won’t take any contestants who have had an international travel history for a year. The decision has been taken in view of the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure the supreme safety of all the contestants.

Well, that’s very considerate, we’ll have to give the Big Boss 14 team that!

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