What are some Bigg Boss show secrets?

Voot Bigg Boss is one of the most controversial shows of television. Bigg Boss has been entertaining its viewers for the past many years. It’s one of the best reality shows in India. The reality show is currently running with its Bigg Boss 14 season. Once again only celebrities have been cooped up inside the Bigg Boss 14 mansion. Now watch Bigg Boss live online in Hindi and catch all the action, drama, and emotions unfolding in all its frenzy on Vi Movies and TV.

So, Bigg Boss fans out there, are you ready to discover some secrets of the show which you probably didn’t know?! Let’s delve.

  • No holy literature allowed

No contestant is allowed to bring any kind of holy book inside the Bigg Boss house. However, they do get provided with books they want to read.

  • Fights are not scripted

The show is real when it comes to fights, planning and plotting, conspiracies, grouping up and so on. That’s what makes the show interesting to watch as all human emotions from love to hatred to envy and altercations between contestant’s flow in all its glory.

  • Tasty khana from Salman Khan!

Contestants are required to cook their own food and not allowed to order from outside. The only meal that comes from outside is during the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ i.e. on weekends. It’s worth the wait though! The food is made by and comes from Salman’s personal chef.

  • No intoxication

The Big Boss show doesn’t allow any kind of alcohol or drug intake on the show.

  • Only cigarette smoking is allowed

Bigg Boss allows contestants to smoke only in the smoking-room.

  • Hefty penalty for leaving midway

If a contestant leaves the show midway voluntarily for any reason, then he or she has to pay a penalty of rupees 2 Crore!

  • Weekly payment

Bigg Boss pays quite a handsome amount ranging from 3 lakh rupees to 10 lakh rupees to even crores of rupees per week to a contestant depending on his or her celebrity status. However, the contestant needs to survive for 14 days.

  • Mirror ke peeche kya hai! (What lays behind the mirror!)

Ever wondered why are there so many mirrors around the house? In fact, even in those corners where they’re not needed! Well, let’s bust another Bigg Boss secret. Those are not normal mirrors but see-through ones. So from the other side of the mirror, the cameraman is sneaking up on contestants to record their each and every action.

  • Blindfolded and masked

When a celebrity enters the Big Boss house or is about to enter the house, he or she is blindfolded and masked right from the moment they reach the destination all the way to the Big Boss set. It’s a protocol to hide the identity of celebrities and to prevent leaks to the media or netizens.

  • Hush it up!

The selected contestants for Bigg Boss are not allowed to reveal or discuss about it in any way before entering the Bigg Boss house.

  • Spick and span

The contestants are required to look after the maintenance of the house. In case of any kind of aberration by any contestant, he or she has to face a punishment by Bigg Boss. Having said that, it’s not entirely upon the contestants to clean the house. Bigg Boss sends a cleaning team to maintain the upkeep of the house so that every corner looks good on camera.

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