Which season of Bigg Boss is the best?

The best season is Bigg Boss 13, hands down. It got everything right that a reality show needs to – love, romance, fights, fan and celebrity wars, entertainment – everything. Let’s take a look at a list of things that made Bigg Boss 13 a huge hit. Let’s delve.

Broke TRP records

Unlike previous seasons, Bigg Boss 13 1 history of sorts by being one of the most popular shows on television then. There were unexpected twists and turns throughout the show which kept viewers hooked. This season of Voot Bigg Boss literally rocked the TRP Chart!

Only Celebrities and new format

Taking into account fallen TRP in the previous season, Bigg Boss 13 invited only celebs and shut the door on common people. Since Bigg Boss 12 failed to enagage viewers and bring in the TRPs (and the moolah), the makers of Bigg Boss introduced a new format this time around.

For instance, everybody loved to witness the four-week suspenseful finale where viewers waited with bated breath throughout the finale that saw sudden evictions and that too in pairs.

While many participants were ousted, there were surprise wild card entries throughout the Bigg Boss 13 season. And chances are it might continue in Bigg Boss 14 too.

None of the preceding seasons had witnessed such a huge change with regards to the line-up of Bigg Boss contestants. Viewers just didn’t know what to expect next! As a result, audiences in hordes hooked on the Bigg Boss full episode, every time!

Besides surprise entries and wild card picks, the makers of Bigg Boss experimented with guests who entered the Bigg Boss house for a short period. Every week saw someone coming into the house or leaving the house. The makes made sure nothing remained constant in Bigg Boss 13 season. These surprise elements sprinkled throughout every Bigg Boss full episode kept the viewers glued to the show!

Salman Bhai’s shocking revelations

Salman Khan, the undisputed host who continues to host latest Bigg Boss 14 live season, made quite a few shocking revelations in Bigg Boss season 13 about the personal lives of the contestants of that season. This had created a furore that shocked not only the house members but also spilled over to the outside world providing a huge source of gossip to its viewers. Unlike previous seasons, Salman not only exposed Arhaan Khan’s marriage and child in front of Rashami Desai but also didn’t hesitate to tell Himanshi Khurana about Asim Riaz’s girlfriend. He even entered the Bigg Boss house to console a heartbroken Rashami. If that was not enough, on yet another occasion, Salman cleaned the utensils himself in a frenzy of rage to teach the house members a lesson.

Fight blub

Fights. Fights. And more fights. Bigg Boss 13 had a lot of them! That’s what caught the attention of a certain category of viewers who love to binge nasty fights where people get all physical and verbal. It’s important to note here that Bigg Boss 13 provided every kind of viewer something that he or she likes. For instance, those who love romance, there were instances of many romantic liaisons and so on.

Coming back to fights, Bigg Boss had to abort a number of tasks after the contestants got injured due to pushing and shoving each other and using their physical power!

Inmates didn’t let go any chance to let all hell break loose by making noise or yelling at each other!

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