Bigg Boss 14: what really caused Sara Gurpal’s eviction?

The punjabi actor-singer Sara Gurpal becomes the first contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss 14 mansion. Now rumours are doing the rounds that Sara may be asked to come back on the voot Bigg Boss show as a wild card contestant. But nothing concretes yet. No report or confirmation has come from the makers of Bigg Boss shows.

What is the real reason behind Sara’s eviction?

Her fans strongly condemn this decision and are blaming the Big Boss seniors especially Sidharth Shukla for having made a ‘biased’ decision.

Some fans even purport that Sara was forced to exit for lying about her marriage. However, as per a report that’s fresh from the oven it’s now claimed that Sara got her eyes hurt when she was hit by Nikki Tamboli during a task.

Meanwhile, Sara Gurpal’s fans are raising a furore over her eviction and have been slamming Sidharth for this unfair decision. Hina and Gauahar didn’t know for sure as to who to pick between Rahul Vaidya and Nishant Malkani. Yes, you heard it right, Sara was not even in their minds as the prospect of eviction. But, allegedly, Sidharth Shukla wanted Sara Gurpal evicted as he found her as fake. Sidharth managed to persuade Hina and Gauahar to align with his decision and thus Sara got evicted from the Colors TV Bigg Boss house.

Here are some fans expressing their anger out-

“#saragurupal didn’t deserve this worst decision ever to eliminate #SaraGurpal @u@realsidharthshukla sidharth is ruthless.”

Another user tweeted- “#NikkiTamboli Ko Save Kyu Kia se #SaraGurpal ko Save Kyu Nai kia tak ka Safar. Again, no one is talking about -Nominations, Ejaz & Jaan’s argument, Abhinav & Rahul’s Argument, Pavitra & Ejaz’s Chemistry, Jas’s POV, Newly Formed Groups. It’s all about #SidharthShukla.”

Some are even speculating that Sara may have been asked to leave from Colors TV Bigg Boss house on the heels of the controversies surrounding her marriage.

In her recent Instagram video, Sara Gurpal has spoken up about her ‘unfair’ eviction. She alleges that in fact she did all the tasks and chores of the house and that she didn’t deserve to be evicted.

Sara has pinned it on ‘one man’ duly responsible for her eviction – Sidharth Shukla, the former Bigg Boss contestant and now a Bigg Boss Senior alongside Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan. Sara Gurpal’$ fans are also voicing their opinions in line with hers.

Having said that, Sara Gurpal took to social media to thank her fans for supporting her all the way. Below is her heartwarming message-

“I’m taking this chance to thank my audience from the core of my heart. It’s only with your love and support that I am here at this stage of my life. However, I would have been happy if this decision was brought in place by you guys. But life’s pretty unfair and you gotta deal with it. Thanks again for everything. ❤️”

The Wild Card entry gates may open for Sara Gurpal at some point in future. But, there is no official report or confirmation from the Bigg Boss show makers on the return of Sara Gurpal to the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Meanwhile, Toofani Seniors are adding more spice to Bigg Boss latest episodes of Bigg Boss season 14. Eijaz, Rubina, Pavitra and Nikki have all been the centre of attraction inside the Bigg Boss 14 mansion for their series of arguments, altercations and fights.

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