Stay Updated about Corona-virus on these Hindi News Channels

The nationwide lockdown in India has resulted in many of us spending more time at home than ever before. Some of us are anxious, some relieved to be home and some constantly checking the news in anticipation of some good news. We spend a major part of the day glued to the television, switching newsContinue reading “Stay Updated about Corona-virus on these Hindi News Channels”

Follow Your Daily Dose of Live News at Home

The COVID-19 resultant lockdown in India has taken an indefinite turn. Many of us are uncertain of when it will be safe to step outside the house worry-free. The only upside to this whole scenario is that we have had the opportunity to spend invaluable time at home with our loved ones. Often, there isContinue reading “Follow Your Daily Dose of Live News at Home”

Popular Indian News Channel – Hindi or English

The importance of watching everyday news in our lives cannot be overemphasized. Not only is it a go-to source for local events and happenings, but also the simplest way to stay abreast of current societal trends. India consumes daily news in many ways, including newspapers and radio, but the most popular source of news updatesContinue reading “Popular Indian News Channel – Hindi or English”

Which anchor from Aaj Tak is better – Anjana Om Kashyap or Sweta Singh?

Aaj Tak is one of the most popular Hindi news channels in India. It garners an audience of multiple age groups because of its different kinds of shows and good reporting. You can enjoy Aaj Tak live news coverage, debates, reviews, interviews, local and global news, breaking news, headlines only, and a flashrun of topContinue reading “Which anchor from Aaj Tak is better – Anjana Om Kashyap or Sweta Singh?”

Which Hindi News Channel do you Prefer and Why

In a world of changing times, every other minute has become breaking news. Every consecutive twist of events is worth writing and reporting about. News plays a very important role in our daily lives. The way we consume news has also changed over the years. Getting our daily dose of information through newspapers to nowContinue reading “Which Hindi News Channel do you Prefer and Why”

Tackle Unreasonable Teenage Expectations during Lockdown with Mentalhood

The rules of parenting have certainly changed. Parents, especially mothers, are no longer the happily multi-tasking kind with perfect hair and priorities. It is tough to be a mother, especially in a mom-eat-mom world where mothers are constantly battling it out to be the best mom. In the current lockdown scenario, you too must beContinue reading “Tackle Unreasonable Teenage Expectations during Lockdown with Mentalhood”

NSG in 2008, Doctors in 2020 – Saviours in our State of Siege

In the wake of a pandemic and the unprecedented times that followed, if there is one thing that we can all agree upon unanimously is the ceaseless efforts of our doctors and healthcare professionals. As we recognize and salute these healthcare heroes for their commitment, we cannot help but reminisce a similar zeal and dedicationContinue reading “NSG in 2008, Doctors in 2020 – Saviours in our State of Siege”

Best New Channels to Watch!!

What makes a great news channel? And more important what does India consider a good news channel to be? The hallmarks of a good news channel are of course fact-based coverage of events within a nation or city, a deliberate attempt to avoid sensationalism, content that is both interesting and knowledgeable and aims to keepContinue reading “Best New Channels to Watch!!”

How Can I Watch ‘Jabariya Jodi’ (2019) Movie Online in HD?

Jabariya Jodiis a 2019 Bollywood action-comedy, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra as protagonists. The film revolves around the problematic concept of groom kidnapping (pakadwa vivah), meaning the practice of kidnapping grooms in order to avoid paying dowry. which is deeply prevalent in North India, predominantly in UP and Bihar.  This comedy flick is setContinue reading “How Can I Watch ‘Jabariya Jodi’ (2019) Movie Online in HD?”