Best New Channels to Watch!!

What makes a great news channel? And more important what does India consider a good news channel to be? The hallmarks of a good news channel are of course fact-based coverage of events within a nation or city, a deliberate attempt to avoid sensationalism, content that is both interesting and knowledgeable and aims to keepContinue reading “Best New Channels to Watch!!”

How Can I Watch ‘Jabariya Jodi’ (2019) Movie Online in HD?

Jabariya Jodiis a 2019 Bollywood action-comedy, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra as protagonists. The film revolves around the problematic concept of groom kidnapping (pakadwa vivah), meaning the practice of kidnapping grooms in order to avoid paying dowry. which is deeply prevalent in North India, predominantly in UP and Bihar.  This comedy flick is setContinue reading “How Can I Watch ‘Jabariya Jodi’ (2019) Movie Online in HD?”

Which is The Best App to Watch Online Movie, News & TV Show?

Have you noticed how you don’t spend a lot of time sitting across the TV aimlessly flipping channels? Do you even have enough time to do that? The era of watching movies, daily shows and even news updates on TV is gradually winding up. People have slowly, but surely, started migrating to more time-friendly waysContinue reading “Which is The Best App to Watch Online Movie, News & TV Show?”

What are Some of The Best Web Series Made in India?

Web series are the newest form of video content that have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Web series have the ability to take us where television won’t, especially with the added benefit of allowing the audience to watch shows at their own convenience.  For years, people have planned their days andContinue reading “What are Some of The Best Web Series Made in India?”

Which is The Best Indian TV Serial Till Now? and Where I Can Watch?

It is safe to say that Indian television and daily soap operas are inseparable. In today’s time, we are so heavily flooded with video content that it has become difficult to filter out personal favorites. The popularity of fictional dramas among many, especially women and the older generation, has resulted in newer shows, with uniqueContinue reading “Which is The Best Indian TV Serial Till Now? and Where I Can Watch?”

What Are The Best Shows Made in Indian Television Industry?

The Indian Television Industry has been through a roller coaster ride of undeniably popular fiction content, new age reality shows, talk shows, and content inspired by real life events. It has been through its highest highs and lowest lows, but never irrelevant content. The most interesting part about Indian television shows is that it hasContinue reading “What Are The Best Shows Made in Indian Television Industry?”

Is the “Dream Girl (2019) movie worth a watch?

2019-released Dream Girl starring Ayushmann Khurrana in and as a very interesting character recently became the talk of the town and won many hearts among the audience. The movie revolves around Ayushmann playing a layered character of a small town boy, named Karam, looking for employment; and his alias Pooja, the dream girl who isContinue reading “Is the “Dream Girl (2019) movie worth a watch?”

It’s Time to Watch Your Favourite TV Show in HD

Hate paying for your favorite TV shows? You’re not alone. With the boom in newer video content and TV series coming up each day, it’s no surprise we’re on a constant lookout for things to watch online. The Internet is filled with television shows available in different languages and targeted at different age groups, includingContinue reading “It’s Time to Watch Your Favourite TV Show in HD”

How to Stream Movies and TV Shows for free?

Aren’t you just fed up of watching movies and television shows in mediocre quality prints that keep buffering till eternity? Or even having to pay to watch video content online? Streaming movies and shows online can often pose as a difficulty when you can’t find the right website, or free movie app to watch itContinue reading “How to Stream Movies and TV Shows for free?”

Where can I watch Dream Girl (2019) in HD?

How often do you find yourself aimlessly jumping from one website to another in search of a movie of your choice, only to find bad quality prints or random advertisements popping up? We’ve been there too. The difficulty of finding movies to stream online is a real struggle, and even if you’re lucky to findContinue reading “Where can I watch Dream Girl (2019) in HD?”